"Can the Science Approve Rencarnation?"


Zagreb, December 15th 2008
Cultural Informational Center, PreradoviŠeva 5, at 5 p.m.



It s our pleasure to announce the lecture of Mr Paul Von Ward in Zagreb. Von Ward is an interdisciplinary cosmologist and author of four influential books: The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, Gods, Genes & Consciousness, Our Solarian Legacy, Dismantling the Pyramid: Government by the People. In his researches he combines philosophy, physics, natural sciences, psychology and cultural history.

To achieve human potential in a peaceful world
we must clarify the role of reincarnation.

Did you know that your past lives significantly influence
your present life?

Find out what kind of methods can be used to discover past lives and how past lives affect your body, mind, emotions, personal style, and your creative potential.

How yoga practitioners can have an insight into their past lives?

Can science validate a natural process of reincarnation?

Theory of psychoplasm (soul genome) and future of the mankind - spiritual and genetic.

Reincarnation cases of famous Croats - overview by the expert.

How can you find out about your past lives by yourself?