For 15 years, the Valkulture Association has been committed to promoting art and culture in Croatia and to popularizing and preserving Croatian cultural heritage.


This work implies both large investments and covering the costs of many projects we are pursuing with the aim of raising the quality of life and bringing culture and art closer to all citizens.


Our projects are regularly submitted to the tenders of state institutions and organizations responsible for the development and improvement of cultural and artistic creativity as well as on EU funds tenders.


“If you want to go fast, go on your own. If you want to go far, go together, “says the African affair. Since we live in times when we have to go fast and far, the lonely effort of the individual is no longer enough. While sometimes it does not seem that way, the global community is increasingly associated with our efforts to make the world a better place to live. So we are creating a win – win partnership together.


We invite organizations, companies and sympathetic individuals to assist our sponsors / donors in their endeavors and support the implementation of quality projects and engage in the one they have the most interest and preference.


Projects you can support in 2017


Exhibitions “Ivo & Ivo” – works of art by Croatian painters Ivo Šebalo and Ivo Frascic CALL ON COOPERATION


LegendFest – a festival of legendary myths and stories in three Croatian counties CALL FOR COOPERATION


LegendArt – creative creativity of elementary school students on legends, myths and stories of their county INVITATION TO COOPERATION


LegendExpo – exhibition of artworks by our eminent illustrators on the theme of legends, myths and stories INVITATION TO COOPERATION


Ways of Support


* Financially – according to your possibilities, interests and desires


* Organizational – all possible forms of activities that your company can offer and fit into the organization of our projects


What we offer you


Including and supporting these projects will provide your company / organization with various benefits and advertising modalities in accordance with your interests and our capabilities:


* Application of logos, slogans as well as posters, flyers, catalogs


* Media Advertising (in press, radio announcements and on our web pages and social networks)


* Reflect your company as a sponsor in press statements and articles


* Promoting a company at the venue of events – galleries, festivals


* A number of catalog exhibitions


* VIP treatment of your guests


* Promotion and cooperation on related projects throughout the year, etc.


img_2836Founding your company’s / organization’s interest through our projects, we have shared our vision of improving the quality of life of citizens, stimulating artistic creativity, satisfaction and creating new horizons.


We sincerely thank you for your interest, support, and cooperation!


Vala kulture – an association never is in peace J