Portraits of Croatian artists – from photo collection by Branimir Baković
photo gallery: Branimir Baković

Photographs – on walls, cloaks, cabinets, in albums … They keep the memories of the days gone by, and look at them a lot of things: feelings, experiences, memories of our tales that move like a puddle.
The walls, chocolates, family albums replaced the files that buried sleeping on our computers and we seldom open, we rarely come back because they do not hunt forward, scattered thoughts.
But those old photographs are still calling us. If you want to wake up some time and remember your own stories, take a look at the portraits of great Croatian artists – painters, sculptors, writers, architects and photographers who have captured the objective of photographer Branimir Baković in the last century.
Take a look at burning times between 1968 and 2014, take a look at the moments of inspiration for the great creation of Ede Murtić, Ive Friščić, Ivo Šebalo, Zlatko Price, Dobriše Cesarić, Dragutin Tadijanović, Vojin Bakić and many other Croatian artists.
And when you choose the one that impresses you most and wish to be the owner of some of these original photos, signed by the author, with the ordinal number and stamp, order it through the contact form on our site.
Do not waste time because the series is limited to a small number :)
Price of an art photo: black white 1.000 Kn; color 600 Kn

Paintors (black and white)


Paintors(in color)



Sculptors(black and white)



Sculptors(in color)








Photographers, journalists, art criticsBottom of Form


Bottom of Form


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