STOCK OF ERRORS – 13.12. u 20h


Author ideas and concept: Dora Kokol


Performers: Sven Bahat, Dora Kokol, Veno Musinovic and Eni Vesovic with possible little or little help from Mate Mihaljević and Vedran Senjanović


Dramaturgy: Anja Pletikosa


Graphic design: Kristina Mirošević


Production: Excerpt.


Help and Partners: Shadow Shutters and Drive – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth


The term error with its definition is something incorrect, inadequate, something bad. This generally accepted perception of mistakes ignores their potential benefit and is directed at what is negative. The mistake of stock exchange is misleading and raises a negative attitude to error in a different context.

We see the mistakes and their consequences as something fluidly, nonsensical, and thus re-examine the premise of their inertia. We find the mistake as an important part of human life, but not as something to be avoided and about to worry about, because maybe we only have a bad perspective.

Mistakes are another combination of circumstances in which life, a play, a step, a written or spoken word, a thought, an event, and many other things take place, and if we do not notice them, they may not even exist.