About us

Mission, goal and vision


The mission of the Val Kulture association is to promote culture and art, and the values of democracy and multiculturalism at the local, regional and national level in all segments of society.

Our goal is to organize cultural and artistic events and activities, lectures, seminars and forums that we present to different cultures of the world and thus promote the values of multiculturalism, interculturality, coexistence and human rights.

These activities are accompanied by the publishing of books, magazines, video and audio records from the area of activity of the Association, and cooperation with related organizations in Croatia and abroad. One of them is a cluster of cultural roads that regionally network over 40 cultural institutions, tourist organizations, civil society organizations, faculties and businessmen from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. President of the Association Ivor Zidarić is a member of the Management Board of this international network for the development of cultural routes in the region.

Our vision is to be synonymous with an association that, through successful cultural and artistic projects, preserves Croatian cultural heritage and makes it recognizable in the world, improves the quality of life of citizens, stimulates creativity, satisfaction and opens new horizons and reflections.


Our successes

LegendFest / LegendArt / LegendExpo

In 15 years of active and devoted activity, the association has created and launched a number of projects promoting arts, culture and education. These projects are today a recognizable Croatian cultural product.

The oldest of them is Legendfest – a festival of stories, myths and legends, along with the supporting projects of LegendArt and LegendExpo, which together combine the immaterial and material heritage of Croatia with the aim of its popularization and preservation.

The festival has attracted thousands of visitors to the Istrian town of Pićan for years, from where it began to spread to continental Croatia – first in the old town of Lukavec in the Zagreb County and from 2016 in the Krka National Park in the Šibenik-Knin County, covering a total of three Croatian counties . But we do not stop there, plans are being made and the festival is spreading to other Croatian counties.

The festival is the winner of many awards and awards, including the first prize of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies for the Best and Most Creative Festival in 2013 – Simply the Best. LegendFest is also the winner of the EFFE quality brand for 2015/2016. which is recognized by EFFE – the European Festival Platform as one of the best European arts and community festivals.


Exhibitions and lectures

Sebalj_Hrkac3With the organization of cultural-artistic projects and festivals, the association committed itself to promoting Croatian art, and during the past few years has organized very successful exhibitions promoting the opusions of two renowned Croatian artists – Ivo Šebalo and Ivo Friščić. It is about works of extraordinary artistic value and importance for the history of Croatian fine arts of the second half of the 20th century.

Thus, in the Gliptotece HAZU in Zagreb, in 2014, the exhibition “Štafelajni neumornik – Ivo Šebalj” organized in all major print and electronic media. Opus Ive Šebalja was also presented at Vinkovci in the Gallery of Slavko Kopač, Gallery of the City of Krapina, and in the Gallery of St. Krševana in Šibenik.

There was also the accompanying exhibition of Šebaljev’s drawings with a shower and a power, called “Black and White Intim” at Pikto Gallery in Zagreb, 2015, which rounded off the cycle of exhibitions, interpreted as a kind of posthumous return and valorization of the early creative range of a great painter to Croatian cultural public .

In 2016 we organized a very interesting exhibition of ‘other Ive’ entitled “I will not regain, thank you”. It is a great and peculiar painter – Ivi Friščić. The exhibition “I will not regain, thank you” presented the selection of works from the painter’s works by Ive Friščić, created mostly during the seventies of the last century, and a few works from the earliest and later creative period. It is about works of extraordinary artistic value and importance for exploring the opus of this intriguing artist. The works that were presented at the exhibition have not been exhibited so far and practically there is not a lot of records on this cycle of works by Ivo Friščić.

As the association never fails, new exhibitions of these exhibitions will be prepared in 2017, which will be enriched by the promotion of books and catalogs in many Croatian cities and abroad.

We are also proud of the organization of lectures and lectures by one of the greatest creators and designers in the world, Olivier Toscani, and a lecture by Professor Paul Von Ward of Harvard University, etc.


Art Gallery

In Art Café’s premises in Ilica, in Britain, Zagreb we opened an Art Gallery where we intend to promote the work and work of young artists, as well as works of artists who left this world and left a significant mark in art the world, and they must not fall into oblivion. This should be the attribute of every civilized society, which somehow holds to its specialty and significance.

We invite all travelers, “random” and generally good-willed people, who, in addition to survival, carry “something” in them, to come to Art Cafe, enjoy art, talk and socialize. This is surely a good recipe for many diseases and today’s busy lifestyle ….